Having a slow life basically means living more slowly, enjoying the moment, enjoying what is locally produced and living more in harmony with nature.

It means being more conscious of all aspects of life, from food we eat to the cosmetic products we use.


Slow cosmetics

What does the slow approach to skin care mean in practice? Slow cosmetics consists of the simplest but essential ingredients, pure active ingredients and a touch of love.

It uses simple raw materials, which are mainly extracted from plants, such as floral waters, cold-pressed unrefined plant oils and possibly essential oils, and even minerals such as clays.


How to have a slow attitude to cosmetics?

- Accept your skin as it is, don't want to change it to achieve perfection. There is no uniform beauty, you are beautiful as you are!

- Get informed! Read the label and know the ingredients you put on your skin.

- Use the least amount of products to meet the 3 basic needs of the skin. Cleanse, moisturise and protect. You don't need endless products to have healthy skin.

- Don't get carried away with synthetic fragrances but use products with their natural scents or with essential oils that are there not just for the smell.

- Bring back grandma's healthy and natural beauty secrets.


The four main principles of slow cosmetics

- It's smart: it responds to the needs of the skin, with active ingredients that provide something positive and not inactive ingredients such as silicones.

- Common sense: it responds to the skin's real needs: cleansing, moisturising and protection, without creating new needs and endless beauty routines, without unrealistic promises. It is sold and bought at a fair price.

- It is natural and environmentally friendly: no petrochemical-derived, synthetic ingredients, or ingredients with extensive ecological impact. It uses products with as few transformations as possible, and minimises packaging and promotes recycling. It advocates a return to essentials, to nature and simplicity. Rejects animal testing and exploitation.

- It invites to simple and environmentally friendly pleasures: in direct contact with plants and nature and far away from the marketing dreams.


Book "Slow Cosmétique Cosmetics" by Julien Kaibeck