Sayab, which in Mayan language means "source of life"


is a personal project born from the desire to create, love and respect.

To love ourselves 

To respect mother earth 

To create beauty products that are friendly to both.


Being vegan for more than 20 years brought me closer and closer to nature making me more and more aware that to have a healthy life we need to adopt a holistic view. It does not only matter what we eat but also what we put on our skin which is the largest organ of the body. Last but not least is to respect nature, Mother Earth that provides us with all her goodness.


I started this path by making soaps and little by little I immersed myself in this fascinating world of natural cosmetics and herbalism, constantly looking to improve and create new formulas.


I focus on ¨zero waste¨ products and creating a fusion of the science of cosmetics and the science of herbalism. 

Living in Mayan lands I try to incorporate plants traditionally used by the Mayan people into my products.

Thanks to Mother Nature for all the treasures we use to make Sayab products. 



In gratitude, every day we do something for our Earth.


Adrienn Major